A Sneak Peek at Our Spring Collection


Hi everyone,

A big thank you to everyone for sending me birthday wishes last week and for making our Queen of Hearts event such a huge success. Merci! Time goes so fast that I could hardly believe it was my birthday again. And, honestly, some days if feels like we just opened our Danforth location and now I have exciting news that in a matter of days, we'll have a new, new location. I'm kind of bursting that it's happening so quickly! 

Our newest store will be opening in Bloor West village at 2380 Bloor Street West. I've heard there's a massive network of great women in that hood and I can't wait to get in there and help them build their fabulous spring wardrobes Ziliotto style. Check out today's style fix video for a few of my favorite, fun looks from our spring collection. It's been grey this week but spring's honestly going to be here before you know it.


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