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Hi everyone,

School's out for summer! Whoo hoo!! I cannot tell you how very, very excited I am to not have to make lunches anymore. On the other hand, I'm now going to be looking for stuff to do with the kids. Any ideas? I saw the Picasso exhibit recently and it was absolutely amazing. Might go back with the kids since AGO has a whole bunch of cool Picasso inspired stuff for the kids to get messy with. Speaking of mess, my first order of business on the home front now that school is out it to make a list of drawers and cupboards that need cleaning out. Both kids came home this week with ridiculous amount of artwork, papers, worksheets from cleaning out their desks so now I have to add sorting it to my list of piles to deal with. Oh well. Maybe we'll just go get ice cream together instead!

In celebration of summer, this week's style fix video looks at some amazing summer hats. While I love the feel of sun on my face, I've decided I don't want to be a wrinkled sun-godess (never mind skin cancer!) so I'll limit my brief sun bathing to early morning and late, late afternoon. Otherwise, you'll see me in huge shades and a cute chapeau. Click here to see some of my fave hats. Enjoy!

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