Summer Bag Ideas

Hey everyone,

Is all of Toronto under construction? Seriously! Now is the time to be riding a bike since driving is pretty much hell-ish and impossible. Or, one can stay home and cook. I don't do a ton of cooking in the summer since the heat isn't conducive to slaving over a hot stove all day. It's all about crisp, fresh salads, right? OK, it's about ice cream too. And, a nicely chilled chardonnay! Anyway, I actually have been trying to expand my summer recipe repertoire. Yesterday, I made pizza from scratch! Yum!!

This week's style fix is all about the summer bag. I find, the bigger the bag, the more I shove into it :) And, now that the kids are home, I try to keep a beach park back by the door so we can be ready for fun at a moment's notice. Check out this week's video for a look at all the ways I use fabulous bags to take me through all summer has to offer. Enjoy!

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