My Top 5 Fashion Movies

Hi everyone,

Well, I’ve been in major Downton Abbey withdrawal. Why do tv seasons have to be so short? They should at least be as long as our winters! My friend, Anne, suggested I read a little Jane Austen to cure my ache for more Abbey and I’m going to give it a try. I just finished Anna Karenina and thoroughly loved escaping into that time and place in history. I wanted to read it before I check out Keira Knightley as Anna on the big screen. From the trailer, the costuming looks pretty unbelievable (guess that’s why it’s up for an Oscar for costume design!). Cannot wait to see the film.

With Sunday being the Oscars, we’re devoting this week’s style fix to my top five films with fabulous fashion. Check out my picks for films with truly memorable and inspiring attire. I’ll be tuning in Sunday night to check out the red carpet hits and misses but I am looking for suggestions of what to serve.  Do I go decadent and glamourous? Or, maybe a macrobiotic meal as an homage to Gwenyth?  Kale juice anyone? Send me your suggestions. And, if you watch the Oscars, send my your thoughts on who looked the best. With everyone having stylists, I find the red carpet has gotten a bit boring and predictable. I’m hoping someone will take a risk and shake it up this year.

We'll see, Enjoy!

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