My Top 5 Restaurants in Toronto


Hi everyone,

This past winter I've been spreading my culinary wings so to speak and trying a lot of new recipes. I love to cook and I have tried a lot of new things from sauces to soups and it's been really fun. Last week, Maxime was telling me how much he loves bed & breakfasts because you get to choose what you want to eat. So, to make our March Break "staycation" a bit more festive, I did a bed & breakfast at home. I set the table nicely and made a cute little menu and let them all choose their breakie. Of course, I was unorganized so my fluffy waffles turned into buckwheat waffles - no flour, ugh!!! I'm notorious for missing an ingredient just when I'm going to make something. Anyway it was a lot of work but fun!

While I love to cook, I do also love to go out for dinner as long as it inspires me and is something I feel I can't do at home. If you are like me and spending your March Break in town, getting out to a hot new restaurant or visiting an old fave is the perfect treat. This week's Style Fix features my personal favorite restaurants in T.O. Hope it inspires you to get out and give yourself I night off in the kitchen. Enjoy!

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