Our Fabulous Pencil Skirt!


Hi everyone,

I told myself I would stop blabbing about the weather but helloooooo...  spring weather...where are you??!! 

OK. So, what's a gal that's tired of waiting to do? Well, its absolutely time to put away the winter coats and pull out the raincoats. No puffy coats allowed - its almost May! Personally, I love to use a blazer with layers underneath as my jacket this time of year. It feels lighter and looks fresher. A pretty, colourful scarf and you're good to go.  

Lately, we've had a lot of customers come into the stores in need of outfits for job interviews - from students who are interviewing for internships to mum's going back to work. I always suggest the pencil skirt. We've highlighted this fabulous staple in this week's Style Fix with some tips on how to do it up in different ways. Check it out. Enjoy! 

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