Great Holiday Season Outfit!


Hi everyone,

Now that it’s getting colder and the holidays are fast approaching (Hanukkah is next week already!) it is time to embrace the season and pull out the warmer layers from your closet. Bring out the heavier knit sweaters, cashmere cardigans and your cutest hats and mitts. Plus, coats and boots too! It’s all happened so fast that I honestly haven’t changed over my own closet from the summer yet (oops).  This weekend for sure! I really just need a half hour to rearrange the colours and textures I see when I open my closet each morning so that outfits are easy to pull together.

This week’s Style Fix features my current favorite winter outfit. The layers will keep you warm and with the mix of prints, it’ll look like you haphazardly pulled out some favorite pieces and ended up looking super sharp. The whole look says “winter whimsical” yet polished and professional too. Check it out. Enjoy!

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