Our Fabulous Fall Bags!

Hi everyone, 
Hope you all took a wee bit of time yesterday to enjoy the beautiful day! Isn't it lovely when the leaves have changed colours but it's actually really warm out too? There's something about this time of year that I find romantic. I'm embracing that mood in my spare time by devouring _Pride and Prejudice_ by Jane Austen. My friend MJ has read this classic dozens of times and now I finally know why. It's so romantic and witty and transforms me to another time and place where I would sip tea all day. I confess, my reality the past few weeks involves lots of cups of tea going cold before I get to them because there's so much going on and much to do. We have a photo-shoot coming up and we will be updating our website, including the launch of an on-line store mid-October. Yay!! We also have our Fall Collection parties happening later this month (see below). More yay!
This week's Style Fix features gorgeous new leather bags that we are carrying by **Opelle.** The designer, Amy, is based right here in Toronto and she is simply amazing at her craft. They are smart and versatile and quite ladylike actually. My biggest challenge at the moment is that I love all the Opelle bags so much that I cannot decide which one I want. OK, so maybe the on-line retail store is more pressing but I think you'll love them too so check out the video. Enjoy!


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