Great Look For Fall!


Hi everyone,
Toronto Fashion Week has our city is buzzing with fashion activity, including our own fashion parties (hope to see some of you tonight at the Danforth store!). I've been loving all the coverage, especially all the tweeting. It's so cool how you can now see collections immediately through all the pics on twitter. I also can't help but notice always how people are dressing, especially during fashion week. I've seen some crazy outfits and some very elegant outfits. It's all very inspiring. I was on the subway the other night and saw a young man wearing the strangest combination of jackets - a varsity jacket over a trench coat. I wanted to play fashion police for a minute and tell him (nicely) that if he put the varsity jacket under the trench coat instead it would actually look good! But of course I didn't. Anyway, I love getting ideas from how people dress all around me. This week's Style Fix video is about an outfit I particularly love and have been wearing a lot! Check it out. Enjoy!

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