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The pocket dress

Hello everyone,
The pocket dress is an all time favorite of so many of us.
For me I always travel with this dress because I can wear it on a really sunny day and still get coverage from the sun or wear it at a backyard BBQ and I feel chic but not overdressed.
It's truly a versatile piece.
And hope to see you tomorrow night!

All the best,
Jennifer xoxo

Spring is here!

Hello everyone,

It's April and it's so nice to know it is only going to get warmer and warmer yeah!
Today's video is about a Ziliotto classic: the maxi dress. We love it for lots of reason, watch to find out!

All the best,
Jennifer xoxo

Mad about "Mad Men"


Hello everyone
Another new dress from the fall collection. This dress was inspired by Mad Men ( the hit TV show) and is truly a dress that is so very my style. I love it!
Hope you do too!!!


Jennifer xo

Summer is here!



Hi everyone
Summer is officially here and that means lovely summer dresses.
This is one of my favourites. Enjoy...


jennifer xo

The Apron Dress


Hi everyone
Here's my perfect summer dress for a beautiful weekend coming up!
The apron dress..
Hope you like it


Jen xo