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Valentine's day


Hello everyone,
Valentine's day is upon us and for me this holiday is all about love. It's not just for lovers and romance, it's about enjoying the love in your life. Whether it's with friends your family or even just your pet I think it's worth celebrating!
Here's some fun ideas on how to do that.

All the best,
Jennifer xoxo

Cosy in the winter


Hello everyone,
Today's video is all about a few great essentials to stay warm and look good in the winter.
It's important to get out and enjoy the sunshine when you can!
It keeps you happy :)
Hope to see you soon

Jennifer xoxo

Sale sale sale!


Hello everyone!

Hope you all had a merry Christmas.

It is that time of year, boxxing week sale!

Hourray, watch the video for more info!

Jennifer xoxo

To the lovelies in our lives


Hello everyone,

This video is all about what to buy for the special people who make our lives easier. Here are some gift ideas for them.
See you soon.

Jennifer xoxo

How to wear stockings


Hello everyone,

So many of you ask me how to pair your skirts and dresses with stockings.

It can be really easy and a lot of fun. Watch my style tip video for ideas.