Monsillage Perfume pays Dogon

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One of my favourite scents from Isabelle Michaud the creature of Monsillage. This scent is woody and rich. Can be worn by either men or women.
Here's what she says about her gorgeous scent.
  • The memories of travel that line our memory often only need a small spark to revive; a music, a smell, a flavor, an emotion… I can see myself exploring this outdoor market at the foot of the cliff, admiring the beauty of these women wearing indigo loincloths marked with horizontal lines evoking their marital status. I taste this semi-bitter, semi-sweet scarlet juice with dried hibiscus flower. I feel the captive humidity of an arid land, the exoticism of a wood that is sculpted, the grain of a skin that is stretched... such is the olfactory landscape of this perfume which is intended to reflect of my memories of Africa: textured, raw and authentic.

    Top notes  : Green oasis, black pepper, pink berries, ginger. Heart  : Hibiscus flower. Base  : Guaiac wood, cypriol, sandalwood, patchouli, Java vetiver, date. 

  • 7.5 ml 
  • made in Montreal

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